A downloadable game


Drag on the screen to move.

Touch stuff to interact.

Click on the arrows to rotate the core.

Drag to the sides to move the space ship, it shoots by itself.

This is my entry to the Surprise Pizza Jam! The theme was Your take on a modern game cliché, so I made a little game making fun of sidequests. This is Balthazar- Side quests in the sideral space! The whole idea is to explore your little spaceship, and make a sandwich beacause you deserve it. And while you're at it, why don't you help the engineer save the ship from destruction, and maybe save the universe as well. It's a really quick game I made mainly to test out a new engine (Ready Maker, which I recommend as well, really simple and fun to use) and also to test my pixel art.

I made all the art assets and coding, and got the songs from a humble bundle sound package. Here's the link for the Ready website (you can also use it to play on your cellphone, downloading their app!) : https://ready.app.link/SctOStVn0T

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